About me

This blog site is by Vishnu Vardhan Chikoti. I am a techie with a nice mix of knowledge and experience in technology, capital markets, and agile. XF in XFGeek means Cross Functional.

Why I created XFGeek.com?

After posting in numerous platforms, I felt it is a good idea to put all of them at one place. However, none of the existing free blog sites at that time had features for modern SEO and were missing things like ability to subscribe for push notifications. I ended up developing the web app for XFGeek.com using Flask, Bootstrap, Bootstrap Markdown and MongoDB. This site is optimized for Google search using things like placing structured data on the web pages.
Also, this website is built as a Progressive Web App and has ability to send push notifications to subscribed readers on the subscribed mobile, laptop or desktop device.

My philosophy

I believe in being Agile. I would love to hear your feedback which will help me in improving the content. Please send your feedback via contact us in the footer menu.

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