Capital Markets Chatbot: Maya is here

Posted by Vishnu Vardhan Chikoti

Posted on 24-Feb-2019 17:44:29

We are in the times of fourth industrial revolution driven by technological advancements in a number of areas like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Cloud Computing, AR/VR, 3D Printing, Nano Technology, etc. What was not possible few years ago is now very simple to achieve.

One of the areas where there are advancements is in the area of Learning & Development through the creation of Knowledge Assistants. There are a number of knowledge assistants being created to make it simple for people to get quick answers to specific questions. While these bots are not intended to replace the initial training, but they can definitely help for revision, or reminding of something in the future. What is learnt in training and not used will be forgotten to some extent and these knowledge assistants will definitely help as on the job assistants.

Here is Maya, a chatbot which can answer basic Capital Markets domain questions, primarily focussed on the Back Office areas. It is built to help developers, BAs, testers and support personnel with quick access to information they need and greatly improve productivity. They can ask the what, why, how, who, where, etc about various types of instruments, various types of parties, various BO processes and related terms, SWIFT Messages, key SWIFT tags and qualifiers, corporate actions, accounting and key regulations. Maya aims to eliminate the wasted time in searching for information in intranet/internet or waiting for an in house expert to help.

Technically, Maya is powered by a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) model trained with more than 600 entity/value pairs across 6 intents. Maya is available with the id MayaBOBot on Telegram. This is still a beta version of the bot though.

Below are sample questions that Maya can handle.

what is equity trading

what is a limit order

how is an order placed

what is order matching

what is a csd

Who is a clearing agent

What are confirmations

what is confirmation matching

what is affiliate clearing

what is dvp settlement

what is meant by T+3 settlement

how does a trade settle

who is a prime broker

What is swift MT540

who sends mt546 message

how is a SWIFT MT564 message sent

What are CA claims

what is CA record date

what is double entry accounting

what is MIFID 2

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Vishnu Vardhan Chikoti is a co-author for the book "Hands-on Site Reliability Engineering". He is a technology leader with diverse experience in the areas of Application and Database design and development, Micro-services & Micro-frontends, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering and Machine Learning.

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