New Site Reliability Engineering book

Posted by Vishnu Vardhan Chikoti

Posted on 09-Jul-2021 07:47:26

Excited to share my book on SRE is now released.

This book explains how site reliability engineering concepts and practices can be used to build and run reliable applications. This book will help jump start the SRE journey for individuals and organizations alike.

The book starts off by introducing how an IT organization is structured and the basic concepts that will need to be understood by an IT professional. This sets the stage to build on this learning for the readers that are new to the IT industry to understand the basic concepts. The book also works as a refresher for experienced professionals.

The book then introduces the basic to intermediate concepts and practices of DevOps and SRE.

In the second half of the book, we introduce the readers to the advanced concepts and practices of SRE.

All throughout the book, there are relevant examples, sample code, and introduction to some of tools on specific areas of SRE.

There are 12 chapters in the book.

  1. Understand the World of IT
  2. Introduction to DevOps
  3. Introduction to SRE
  4. Identify and Eliminate Toil
  5. Release Engineering
  6. Incident Management
  7. IT Monitoring
  8. Observability
  9. Key SRE KPIs: SLAs, SLOs, SLIs, and Error Budgets
  10. Chaos Engineering
  11. DevSecOps and AIOps
  12. Culture of Site Reliability Engineering

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About the author

Vishnu Vardhan Chikoti is a co-author for the book "Hands-on Site Reliability Engineering". He is a technology leader with diverse experience in the areas of Application and Database design and development, Micro-services & Micro-frontends, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering and Machine Learning.

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